While Dr. David C. Ash and Dr. R. Neil Sundheimer both have extensive training in dental and oral care, their experience also allows them to work with patients who are interested in cosmetic procedures. Our maxillofacial surgeons can also provide multiple treatments for safe, comprehensive results. Whether you are looking to change the shape of specific features, or the contours of your face, or you want to repair wrinkles and sagging skin, ask about The Institute of Jaw and Facial Surgery’s cosmetic procedures in Canton, and Akron, Ohio. See your dentist or physician for a referral.

Improve your appearance with a safe and caring team that puts your concerns and needs first. As soon as you step into the The Institute of Jaw and Facial Surgery office, you can feel welcome and secure under the care of our team. Our group of trained and knowledgeable professionals make sure each patient has a positive and fulfilling experience. In addition to our oral surgeons and hygienists, we also employ surgical assistants who monitor our patients throughout their procedures and help administer I.V. sedation safely. Working together, we can provide you with the cosmetic results you are want.

Through teamwork, experience, knowledge and up-to-date techniques, our office provides outstanding cosmetic procedures. We invite you to visit one of our offices today and find what treatment best fits you.